Hombu Dojo 1968

Hombu Dojo 1968

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Three new films of O-Sensei - discovered in Israel in July 2014

few weeks ago, one of our dojo members came to the dojo with a CD containing a film. To my huge surprise, it was an un-seen-before film of founder of Aikido (Ueshiba Morihei O-Sensei).

Yedidya who has a pottery studio was approached by one of his student (Ms. Carole Habib). Her father was a French Aikidoka who was an Air-France pilot and he made frequent flights to Tokyo. In those days, pilots used to stay for about 2 weeks in Japan before returning to France. So, he could practice Aikido at the Hombu Dojo where sometimes O-Sensei used to teach.

Ms. Carole Habib told me, that her father - Pierre Holzacker - French Air France pilot used to practice Aikido with his wife Esther in France in the 1960' as students of the Late Tsuda Itsuo Sensei.

I would like to convey my deep thanks to Carole and Yedidya for allowing us all to enjoy this new treasure.

Please enjoy all three parts of this rare footage of Founder of Aikido Ueshiba Morihei O-Sensei. Filmed in 1968 by Mr. Pierre Holzacker at Aikikai Hombu Dojo (Tokyo):

Part One:

Part Two

Part Three:

More to come from the same film: A class conducted by Osawa Kissaburo Sensei (9th Dan) at Hobu Dojo, A class conducted in France by Tsuda Itsuo Sensei, and a short clip from a class with former doshu Ueshiba Kisshomaru (2nd doshu).

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