Hombu Dojo 1968

Hombu Dojo 1968

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The correct speed and the correct pace in Aikido

The correct speed and the correct pace:
Some students at our dojo, begin to understand that in some situations, it is very important to be as fast as possible:
  • On your way to the dressing room and while changing your clothes and wearing your keikogi.
  • While cleaning - be fast and thorough.
  • When being invited by sensei take ukemi.
  • When taking ukemi for sensei.
  • After sensei throws you or pins you, get back to kamae as quickly as possible.
  • After class: when cleaning the tatami or arranging them.
  • While folding the hakama - as quickly and neatly as possible.
  • When getting a message from sensei - reply as soon as possible. If you have no time, you can send a short message saying that you will reply later in length.
Doshu's uke: attentive and fast.

At the dojo, some things are done slowly and in a relaxed manner. But while doing the above tasks, we should act as fast as possible quietly and neatly.

In this video, you can see clearly how nicely and quickly, doshu's uke gets back on his feet after being thrown or pinned. Also, please pay attention how uke hurries when being invited to demonstrate.
Learning the correct speed is a very important subject in our training. We should be fast, but not too fast. There is "the correct speed" and "the correct pace" in our training. Please try learning it and to pay attention to it.

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