Hombu Dojo 1968

Hombu Dojo 1968

Monday, July 20, 2009

Aikido Scam by an Indian Group

Important information about the "Aikido Association of India" email (please see the email at the bottom of this page).

A few years ago an Aikido group from India contacted my friend who has an Aikido Dojo in Israel. They wrote to him a similar letter as the one bellow... After agreeing on all matters, he waited for them at the airport. He saw some people who looked Indian, but no one approached him... after a while, when all the passegngers already left the airport, he went back home and tryed to find out what is happening with his guests. He phoned their number in India, and a woman said in a crying voice that they all had a car accident and they are in hospital... My friend's dojo members sent a present to the group in India and felt sorry.

After a while the police called my friend, and interrigated him for bringing illegal workers from India... apparently it was a scam. The Indian group cheated him. They actually did arrive in Israel, and just went to look for jobs here... The "accident" story was a cover story which was prepared in advance.

please be cafeful when you get an offer to invite people with nationalities that need visa for Israel, please be careful, and make sure you have all the people passports copies. It is important to contact immigration authoroties here to have their assistance to prevent such a case.

A group like this one contacted me too in the past, but they never agreed to send me a copy of their passport. They said they are some Indian police Judo team. They just tried again and again to get an invitation letter from me - probably nesecary when applying for visa to Israel.

Please do not discriminate, but its good idea to be careful and make sure you know who are the people you are inviting.


Ze'ev Erlich
Israeli Aikido Organization.

Head Office : 274-A, Block-H,Sector-12, Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad (U.P.) 201 009 India
Mobile : 0091-9311111190 fax : 0091-120-2824100
E.mail : anilksi@hotmail.com
My self Anil Kaushik , president of aikido association of india like to come to your beautiful country Israel to learn aikido ( advance course) with my senior instructors team as we are very behind in aikido techniques.
I hope that your goodself will give me chance to learn it.As we think that Martial art and commondos of Israel is very very famous in the world, of course we shall pay your training fees, boarding fees and lodging fees.
I am sure of your very kind consent and approval to invite our team to your country.
waiting for your reply

Anil Kaushik
Aikido Association of India

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